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We offer FOUR different build-your-own packages for our glamorous dessert bars. Each package allows you to customize the dessert bar of your dreams with baked goods, candy or both! Find the package you feel best suits your needs and then start shopping from our list of scrumptious baked goods and irresistible candy.

Choose Your Package

The Signature Package includes ONLY the sweets, our Premium Package includes the sweets, delivery within 10 miles of our location in 30331, set up, disposable platters, jars and tongs and/or scoops.


*Additional fees apply for mileage over TEN miles, Difficulty of Delivery, Pay to Park, etc.

*Color Customization ONLY, up to TWO (2) colors per package. Additional fees apply for Edible Images, Packaging, Edible Metallic Colors, Gold/Silver Leaf, Specialty Flavors, Infused Flavors, etc.

*Tax NOT included.

*A RUSH FEE will apply on ALL Dessert Package orders placed within 30 days (ONE MONTH) of due date.


*For example, you may select up to TWO (2) Chocolate Covered Strawberries per package, NOT THREE (3)!

Bronze: Choose 5

  • Signature Package: starts at $1,000

  • Premium Package: starts at $1,500

Silver: Choose 10

  • Signature Package: starts at $2,000

  • Premium Package: starts at $2,500

Gold: Choose 15

  • Signature Package: starts at $2,500

  • Premium Package: starts at $3,000

Platinum: Choose 20

  • Signature Package: starts at $3,000

  • Premium Package: starts at $3,500

Choose Your Baked Goods

*Asterisk indicates that additional fees may apply.

48 Mini Cupcakes (up to TWO flavors)

24 Standard Cupcakes (up to TWO flavors)

24 Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (TWO Bite)

24 Mini Brownies (TWO Bite)

24 Mini Cheesecakes (TWO Bite)

24 Cake Pops (ONE flavor)

24 *Dessert Shooters (up to TWO flavors)

24 *French Macarons 

24 *Decorated Mini Sugar Cookies

24 Donut Hole Pops

Choose Your Candy

*Asterisk indicates that additional fees may apply.

24 Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

24 Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

24 Chocolate Covered Oreos

18 Rice Krispy Treat Pops

24 Custom Color Lollipops (ONE color)

18 Marshmallow Pops

12 *Bags of Candied Popcorn

12 *Bags of Cotton Candy

4 Pounds of Custom Color M&Ms (ONE color)

4 Pounds of Custom Color Foil Wrapped Chocolates (ONE color)

4 Pounds of Assorted Custom Color Candy (up to TWO colors)

Need help estimating?
In our experience, guests typically help themselves to 2-3 baked goods and 1/4 pound of candy.
Not sure how to style your dessert table?

A styling option, starting at $250 may be added in addition to the base package cost.

Is there anything not included with your dessert bar packages?

Our dessert table prices do not include take-away packaging such as bags & boxes, linens, florals or custom signage for items on the table. Most customers choose to anchor their dessert table with a cake which can be available at an additional cost to the base price of the table.

Ideas of what to choose, please?

A Bronze Package (5 choices) might look something like this:

48 Mini Cupcakes (1)

24 Chocolate Covered Strawberries (1)

36 Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (1)

24 Dessert Shooters (1)

24 Chocolate Covered Oreos (1)


The following items are available for purchase in addition to the base package costs. These items allow you to further customize your dessert table while also amping up the GLAM factor. Contact us today for more details.



Coming Soon!

Chocolate Fountain, Champagne Fountain, Cotton Candy Machine, Dessert Stands and Platters and assorted Apothecary Jars.


Hire one of our bombshells to work your event. From servers and bartenders to our Eye Candy Girls serving up delcious candy "cigarette girl" style. Contact us today for more details. 


Candy Stations and Dessert Bars, Branded Candy Shoppe, Gourmet Popcorn Bars, Donut Buffets, Sweet and Savory Snack Stations, Milk and Cookie Buffets, Branded (Logo Cake Pops, Cupcakes, Cookies and Lollipops), Cotton Candy Catering, Ice Cream Sundae Bars, S'mores Bars (Traditional and Gourmet), Retro Candy Stations (50's, 60's, 70's 80's candy), Bombshell and Eye Candy Brand Ambassadors and Attendants, Candy Craft Activity Stations for kids, Custom Candy Decor and Centerpieces

Dessert Bar Packages
Glam Up Your Table

*Glitter Table Runner

*Bling Tongs and/or Scoops

*Disposable Cupcake Towers

*Disposable Candy Jars

*Disposable Platters

*Glittered Mini Water Bottles

*Glittered Champagne Bottles

*Custom Signage

*Take-Away Bags or Boxes

Candy Centerpieces

*Marshmallow Topiary

*Ferrero Rocher Topiary

*Dum Dum Topiary

*Strawberry Topiary

*Macaron Topiary

*Oreo Gem Topiary

*Rock Candy Topiary

*Meringue Kisses Topiary

Glam Up Your Sweets

*Bling Sticks

*Metallic Silver or Gold Straws

*Pearl Sticks

*Edible Glitter

*Edible Metallic Lusters (Silver, Gold, Rose Gold)

*Edible Gold or Silver Leaf (23 Karat)

*Custom Bows

*Bling Pipettes

*Additional fees apply

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